Jonathan Liljedahl at Kymatica AB

makes iOS music apps, electronic music, and a little bit of audio hardware. He is the creator of the monumentally important AUM audio mixer, AudioShare and many other significant iOS apps.


is a music tech company based at Plaine Images, the main european hub dedicated to creative industries in Tourcoing, France. Founded in 2018, BLEASS aims at engineering high quality digital instruments and audio effects for all musicians.

Bleass have created several excellent synthesizers and an broad range of effects which are available for iOS, MacOS and Windows platforms.

Ruismaker – Mobile Music Plugins by Bram Bos 

Bram Bos’ Ruismaker plugins are about fun and authenticity: everything you hear is synthesized in real-time by emulating classic electronic circuitry – giving your music that little bit more soul, and offering lots of useful control over the sound of your music without complicating your workflow.

Virtual instruments, passionately designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands.


is an audio plugin company and creative studio based in Stockholm (Sweden) run by musicians, software developers, music producers and sound designers. Since 2014, Klevgrand has been a rapidly growing player on the audio music plug-in scene, known for its affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use effects and instruments. Klevgränds goal is to encourage the creative process of users on any expertise level.

Originally, most of the Klevgrand products were introduced for iOS, but in the meantime most of their apps are also available for MacOS and Windows.


“Since 2001 we develop music instrument apps and effect plugins for desktop and mobile music production. Our passion is developing tools that inspire musicians creating the future of music.”

VirSyn were one of the pioneers in iOS music apps and have continued developing very creative and musical apps of the highest quality.

Sugar Bytes

“We founded Sugar Bytes to produce and provide better tools for all our friends in music. Better sounding, better looking audio software that’s easier to use and cheaper to get than everything that’s out there. Just great products that can do more stuff with less buttons, that have more features with less instructions, that are simply more fun and less expensive.

Sugar Bytes Tools should save you time and money while providing more creative freedom and inspiring everybody to make more music. Because music is the sugar in the coffee of life.”

iceGear – iceWorks, Inc.

iceGear Instruments. iceGear is a one-man small company based in Japan that develops audio plug-ins (effects and synthesizers).

Moog Music Inc.

One of the first synthesizer manufacturers ever, Moog Music, was among the first to bring out a multi-touch synthesizer for iOS in 2011 – Animoog, a very innovative wave-shaping synthesizer. In 2021, they updated it to Animoog Z.  Moog also made virtual versions of two of their historic synthesizers, the Minimoog Model D and the virtual modular system Model 15. 

With the advent of Apple Silicon processors, many apps designed for iOS will also run on MacOS computers, including the apps from Moog.

Korg Inc.

Another of the traditional world-class brands for synthesizers and a wide spectrum of music electronics for over 50 years, Korg Inc. was also quick to embrace the iOS platform with a large number of recreations of their own classic synthesizers and many innovations.