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Statement of Purpose

This website is not a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the iOS musical ecosystem. Its purpose is to provide information about some creative strategies, basic hardware configurations and apps that I, Scott Roller, have found interesting and useful during the past ten years of music-making with iOS devices and software — especially during in the past 18 months, when my work and play with iOS has become increasingly intense after several years making electronic music with an array of semi-modular hardware synthesizers in my home studio.

In the past few months, I have been getting more and more requests for me to give workshops in the use of iOS music in a creative educational context. This site is first and foremost intended as support material for those workshops and since I live and teach in Germany, this site will be bilingual English-German. Since many of those workshops are basic introductory courses for teachers and students, I will start with standalone applications which can be useful as first musical encounters for a wide range of pupils and students without knowledge of electronic music. For the past few years, I have been using iOS devices with young pupils, with considerable joy and success. Some of these apps have existed since the dawn of iOS devices in

In about the past 7 years, with the advent of more powerful devices and multi-tasking breakthroughs like IAA (InterAppAudio), Audiobus and standards like AUv3 (Audio Units), it is now possible to build complex configurations of apps for a modular approach to sound production and processing which open the door to very advanced possibilities. If this site can help provide some basic information to help teachers and students find material which will help them further, it will have fulfilled its purpose.